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Whimsical and ethereal, that's how I would describe my art style. I like using extremes --- extreme happiness and extreme sadness and darkness. My artwork would either simply have bursts of color or would have so much black in it. However, the pieces in this art collection is a little different as they are more into line art, something of which that all started when I was feeling so low and hopeless that I drew and wrote a blog post about it. The said art work would be the one entitled, "Ayoko na pero di pwede".

Since the idea started from my personal struggle and pain, I just continued the feels and turned all the negatives into a little something something, to let go and just be happy.

I have friends who label me as "emosh" or "emo" as I sometimes tend to make hugot from time to time. I have no idea why I am doing it but I like digging deep in my feels. So I just embraced the label and turned it into a line art collection because why not, right?

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